Space Quest II V2.0

We've uploaded V 2.0 of our Space Quest II remake!

Updates and changes include some bug-fixes and all new, proper Sierra fonts throughout the game.  A few more hidden easter eggs added, including a hidden SQ3 Easter Egg!

Good luck and enjoy!

infamous adventures


Space Quest 2 VGA 484 MB
Jan 01, 2020
SQ2_V2_0_Linux.rar 464 MB
Jan 01, 2020
SQ2VGA_V2_0_Windows.rar 461 MB
Jan 01, 2020

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I'm having trouble installing the linux version on raspberry pi (raspian-buster). Can you give me some basic instructions on what I need to do? I've extracted the .rar file. Not sure what else I need to do. Thanks! 


There's a prereq library, and things don't have the right permissions in the .rar.  I pasted the whole process to the comments on the main page of this game.

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After you input the code to stop the salesmen from being deployed the bar with the icons goes away. So I can't get the mask from inventory to come up that you need to get past the crack in the glass tunnel in Space Quest II VGA Remake 2.0

Same issue here! Anyone find a fix? (Mac OS)

I got this message in Space Quest II VGA Remake 2.0

in "room31.asc" , line 125

Error: Error running function 'room_a':

Error: Null pointer referenced

Thanks, I will check that out.

I've checked it out - that line of code checks to see if bgMusic is playing.  I wonder what happened.  I can't reproduce the error, but I've re-written the code a bit to make sure it doesn't happen again.  I will post an update that fixes this.

I have reached 250 points, why cannot I play the SQ3 Easter egg at the end of the game? What am I supposed to do?

Getting full points isn't the trigger for the SQ3 Easter Egg.  You have to discover how to do that by exploring the game. Though if you do something right, you'll hear something that lets you know you're on the right path.

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Thank you. I have also found that the Secret bar Easter Egg does not work anymore. Whenever I try to smell the stairs at the edge of the chasm in Labion, nothing happens. They only show up when I fall of the chasm. Is this a bug or you removed the Easter Egg on purpose?

Yep, accessing the secret bar is a little different now.

I am close to desperation - I can't find the access to the secret bar. Can you give a hint, where I can serch specifically?