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Amazing, I play on a mac and it work perfectly except one thing.  Will explain later.  When I was a kids, I didn't have the patience and maybe , not sure on this one but i'm french and i do not remember if it was in french also.  Anyway, I enjoy the story, for me, it's just enough puzzle, not too easy, but not too difficult too.  That beeing, I had to look walkthrought arriving to the Vohaul's ship, because the menu item no more appear when i put my cursor on top of the screen, i then realize TAB make it appear...:)  Samll glitch.  Anyway, great job...I will now try to play others

Awesome Sauce! 
I accidentally got into SQ3 Easter Egg... how much if it is in there? It's my favourite SQ game so I'm almost scared to actually play it without knowing the limitations / extent :O

It's just the first part - the garbage freighter level.

First of all great version, missed playing this.

I'm playing the MacOS version and I'm wondering if it's possible to have a higher resolution than 320x200, which is the one I'm getting. I tried setting it to 640x480 in acsetup.cfg, but it didn't work.


On the Asteroid, two actions triggered two "acoustic" clues! Unfortunately I still can't play the SQ3 Easter egg at the end of the game. Do I have to trigger more "clues" and are all 250 points necessary?

Btw, is there a way to access the IA Bar?

You don't need full points; you are very close! You might look much earlier in the game for another clue.

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Thanks, I found the entrance to SQ3. What about the IA Bar? Btw. Great Game - enjoyed it very much!

Let me guess... Another clue might be on the planet Labion? If so, is it in the dark tunnel?

No, much earlier......

My guess is that you either have to smell or lick something to actually hear these 'accoustic' clues... What do they actually sound like?


WOAW Thanks for the game and the update <3

Does it run on a Rpi / ARM CPU?

If it's running linux, sure.

I have all the 250 points, I do not understand why I cannot play the SQ3 Easter egg at the end of the game?

P.S: I am playing the macOS version of the game


Getting full points isn't the trigger to get the SQ3 Easter Egg.  You'll have to explore the game to find out how.  If you're on the right track, you'll hear a clue.

Thank you. I have also found that the Secret bar Easter Egg does not work anymore. Whenever I try to smell the stairs at the edge of the chasm in Labion, nothing happens. They show up only when I fall of the chasm. Is this a bug or you removed the Easter Egg on purpose?

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Is there a way to run the MacOS version in a windowed mode?  I've tried editing the acsetup.cfg file but the windowed=1 setting appears to be ignored.

I'm not sure, I'll check with my mac guru and see what he says.

Also, Linux installation misses necessary libpng in its libraries. I've copied it from Heroine's Quest, works fine, but some players may have difficulties.

Otherwise, it's awesome, thank you!

thanks, I will try  to add that to it, I appreciate it!

If you hold the mouse cursor near the top of the screen for a few seconds, you will see the window bar appear, then tap on the green button, which will put the game into windowed mode.  

I don't see that when I run the game.  However the info from smokescreen did the trick.  Thank you for the help.

I also noticed that the window bar will appear when using macOS Mojave, but this did not seem to work for me with macOS Catalina.

You can  change to window mode with windowed=1 on the acsetup.cfg file, but the one in "~/Library/Application Support/Space Quest ][ Remake v2.0 [beta]", not the one inside the application itself.

OMG!  Thank you for this info!